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Smith Mountain Lake residents and visitors gathered together on Sept. 19, 2015, to hold hands on land and water as a way to honor the lives of Alison Parker and Adam Ward and encourage the continued healing of Vicki Gardner. View more photos from the event.

The effort to establish a community center at Smith Mountain Lake dates back more than a decade but was given renewed interest following a tragic shooting at Bridgewater Plaza in August 2015 that took the lives of journalists Adam Ward and Alison Parker.

During that time, the community rallied behind Vicki Gardner, the only survivor of the attack. Gardner, the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce’s long-time executive director, reenergized the vision for a community center here with the hope that something good and enduring would come out of the hearbreaking event.

Initially referred to as Vicki’s Vision, the effort is now known officially as the Smith Mountain Lake Center, Inc., a fully operational non-profit organization made up of a board of 11 directors who meet monthly.

The Smith Mountain Lake Center Board of Directors at its January 2018 strategic planning retreat.
Front row, from left: Lorie Smith, Woody Hogle, Trish England, Jack Phillips, Troy Keaton, Vicki Gardner.
Back row, from left: Steve Beyer, Tim Gardner, Rosalind Reichard, John Stroebel, Marty Bowers, Waller Perrow, John Emery.

Smith Mountain Lake Center Board of Directors

Walter “Woody” Hogle, President

Lorie Smith, Vice President

Marty Bowers, Treasurer

Jack Phillips, Secretary

John Emery

Trish England

Christopher Finley

Tim Gardner

Vicki Gardner

Rev. Troy Keaton

Waller Perrow

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